Elinchrom Behind-the-scenes with Tyler Stableford

Inside the Wrangler Campaign with Tyler Stableford 

Creating images for an iconic American Brand requires the perfect combination of patience, skill, and talent. Join Photographer Tyler Stableford behind-the-scenes as he discusses the scope, direction, and philosophy behind the images he created for Wrangler's most recent advertising campaign.

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Photoshoot 1:
Creating a Beautiful Sunset with Lights

Elinchrom Creating a Beautiful Sunset with Lights

Tyler explains how to make a beautiful sunset image without a sun, on an overcast and dreary day.

Photoshoot 2:
Creating Natural Portrait Lighting Outdoors

Elinchrom Lighting Breakdown for a Vintage Truck Scene

Tyler teaches us how to create beautiful, natural looking light outdoors with his Elinchrom strobes.

Photoshoot 3:
Balancing Ambient Light with Flash Indoors

Elinchrom Dive Bar Scene Lighting Breakdown

Tyler illustrates how he combines flash and ambient light in a dark bar to maintain the mood an feeling of a natural environment.

Photoshoot 4:
Lighting a Couple's Portrait Outdoors

Elinchrom Shooting and Lighting an Outdoor Couple's Portrait

Tyler shows us how he overcomes unpredictable lighting conditions and the inherent challenges of photographing a couple outdoors.

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