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iOS® Control

This is the first wireless system which enables the remote control and the remote triggering of Elinchrom RX flash units from Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod  Touch.

The idea is to use devices for controlling flash units, which already exist in big volume in the market and which many owners consider to be the most practical and user friendly mobile devices ever. All Elinchrom RX units can be controlled but various features are accessible depending on the unit detected.

The Skyport WiFi module is the bridge between Apple devices and Elinchrom flashes. This module can also act as a Universal Speed Receiver at the same time.

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  • Control features with an Apple® device.
  • Frequency and group settings are adjustable on the application.
  • Shares the same technical specification as the Universal module.
  • Up to 50m (164') outdoor in Wifi mode and up to a 100m (328') in Skyport mode.
  • Up to 20m indoor (65.61') in Wifi mode and up to 40m (131.23') in Skyport mode.
  • Wireless firmware update via the EL-Skyport Software.
  • To download please follow this link: EL-Skyport WiFi

EL-Skyport Application

EL-Skyport Application

System Overview

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