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The classic EL-Skyport Transmitter was released in 2005.

Today, over 400'000 EL-Skyport units are used every day around the world.

Transceiver RX

Transceiver RX

In control

This module fits only to Elinchrom dedicated units such as the Digital RX series, the Ranger RX series and the Style RX series. No extra battery is required for the transceiver to be ready to use. For the Ranger RX series, the ELS Transceiver RX Adapter is required.

This module allows the control of power settings, modelling lamp on/off and flash synchronization via the ELS-Transmitter. Basic features can also be controlled via Apple ® devices with the optional WiFi module. Additional features such as flash delay and flash counter can be accessed with the EL-Skyport software.

The Speed mode function is also available for units which require the Transceiver RX via the EL-Skyport software, available as a free download for MAC ® and WIN ® .


  • Switch selection for 8 different frequency channels.
  • Switch selection for 4 different groups.
  • Recognized by EL-Skyport software and the EL-Skyport Mobile App.



  • EL Skyport WiFi

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    EL Skyport WiFi


    This is a bridge between Apple devices and Elinchrom flashes. All Elinchrom RX units can be controlled by Apple® mobile devices such as iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod Touch™. Various features are accessible depending on the unit detected.

    This module can also act a Universal Speed Receiver at the same time.

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