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Michael Clark

Michael Clark is one of those innovative photographers who always looks to expand his creativity. His ability to create visionary images through new technologies is what motivated us to ask him to play with the Skyport Plus HS. A transmitter that is a breakthrough in flash photography.

With the announcement of the Skyport Plus HS transmitter and the new Quadra HS flash heads for the ELB 400, Elinchrom has officially entered the high "shutter" speed flash sync world with their own in-house solution. While the new Hi-Sync (HS) technology works in a similar manner to HyperSync TM it is much easier to use and produces vastly better results than anything that has come before it.
We now have the ability to shoot with strobes at any shutter speed all the way up to 1/8,000 th second.


Last month, I had the distinct honor of meeting with the fine folks at Elinchrom, at their headquarters in Switzerland, where they showed me the new Skyport Plus HS and the Quadra HS flash heads. 
Over the last few weeks, I have tested these new products on a variety of action and adventure shoots and the results have consistently surprised me. It is rare that I see a product open up whole new worlds of possibilities.
Working with HyperSyncTM this past year, I have seen the possibilities of that technology, but it was still difficult to work with. 
With the new Hi-Sync gear from Elinchrom, that once experimental technology is now greatly refined and perfected. Personally, I have not been this excited about a new product in a very long time.

"It is rare that I see a product open up whole new worlds of possibilities!"


For this image of I chose a high shutter speed to darken the background and used the HS technology to sync the flash.
1/8000th sec. f/3.5 ISO 800

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