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Spot Lights

Spot Lights

Spot accessories are neither the most common, nor the cheapest. However they are incredibly powerful tools in any photographer's hands. Elinchrom fresnel and projection spots satisfy many professional needs for sophisticated directional lighting in portrait and commercial photography. High quality projection lenses allow precise and crisp illumination. Usable with any fan cooled Elinchrom head. 

  • Barndoor Blade Rectangular 44x35cm

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    Barndoor Blade Rectangular 44x35cm


    This Barndoor fits:

    Square Reflector 44cm (17.32") 26048; Softlite Reflectors 44cm (17.32") & 70cm (27.55"), when used with the Softlite Grid Adapter 44cm (17.32") 26021 and 70cm (27.55") 26023; FS 30 Fresnel-Spot 

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  • Adapter Elinchrom-Profoto

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    Adapter Elinchrom-Profoto


    The Elinchrom-Profoto® Reflector Adapter enables to use all Elinchrom accessories on Profoto® heads.

    A change in light characteristics and a reduction of performance, light output and lighting angle may be observed.

    Other brands pilotlights and flashtubes may create excessive heat, which could damage Elinchrom Accessories and/or the third party flash unit. Misusing or damages of either the third party unit or our accessories are not covered by the Elinchrom Warranty.

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  • Fresnel Spot 30

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    Fresnel Spot 30


    Offering very directional deep shadows with intense color saturation, 3 dimensional view is guaranteed. Efficient optics and high Swiss precision mechanical engineering insures the highest quality of light. With a lens diameter of 30 cm and a variable angle of 20° to 60°, the Fresnel Spot 30 offers a classical cinema light, ideal for fashion and beauty photography.

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  • Fs30 Accessory Set

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  • Set Of 10 Filters Fs-30

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Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic

The Fiber Optic captor holds up to three cables, each one meter long and 0.39" (10mm) in diameter for maximum light transmission. Correctly color balanced, they are indispensable for most small object-photography while they make larger subjects more dynamic by highlighting or throwing long isolated shadows. Usable with any ventilated Elinchrom head.

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