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Elinchrom Warranty

ELINCHROM products will be repaired free of charge, if during a period of 24months following the date of purchase from the vending agent its working order is impaired through any manufacturing or material defect. The faulty product should immediately be sent to the Elinchrom vendor or his service partner.   Please read the following warranty conditions, limitations and exclusions: 

  • For all warranty claims the proof of purchase / invoice is required. 

  • A free of charge warranty is available when faulty goods are returned to the original vendor. Note: Transportation or shipping costs including any customs duties are not covered by the warranty. 

  • Elinchrom “out of area” warranty: It is at the discretion of the local distributor to negotiate the cost of any warranty purchased, for equipment imported from outside of his geographical area. Please find a list of the national EL Agent / Distributor and Dealers at 

  • A “Limited Warranty” will affect Elinchrom products, which are purchased from international Web Stores, or Dealers and their Web Stores, which are not listed by the national Elinchrom Agent. The “Limited Warranty” covers free of charge spare parts, but the labor for the repair is chargeable.      


General Warranty Summary  

Flash Electronics and Mechanics

    • 24 months warranty for electronic and mechanical parts, except capacitors, flashtubes and other consumable items.   

Lead-Gel Batteries - Ranger RX and Ranger Quadra

    • Lead-Gel batteries are guaranteed up to 500 recharge cycles within 12 months, with up to 30% capacity loss. For optimum battery life please refer to the battery guide. 

Li-Ion Batteries - Ranger RX and Ranger Quadra 

    • Li-Ion batteries are guaranteed up to 500 recharge cycles within 12 months, with up to 20% loss. For optimum battery life please refer to the battery guide  


Warranty Exclusions

Consumables such as Sync Cables, Fuses and Batteries for Remote Devices

    • Consumables are excluded from the warranty.  Modelling / Pilot Lamps 

    • Lamps are generally excluded from the warranty.

    • Please see the lamp manufacturer’s terms. 

Transportation Damage

    • Damage caused by transportation and shipping must be claimed from the carrier. 

    • Damaged packaging or contents should be examined whilst the carrier is present, and signed for as received damaged.            


This warranty does not cover equipment, which has been: 

    • Misused 

    • Dismantled, modified, or repaired by an unauthorized Service Agent

    • Used under extreme cold, hot, dusty or wet / humid conditions.

    • Damaged by the incorrect use of third party accessories or parts.  Unsatisfactory Operation

    • No responsibility can be accepted for any damage resulting from incorrect operation of the equipment, nor for any wasted materials, or other expenses.

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