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The ELC Pro HD compact is Elinchrom’s latest unit. Available as either 500 Ws or 1000 Ws, these units are the highest performing and most professional units on the market.

Equipped with an OLED display for an easy and precise user experience, the ELC Pro HD benefits from cutting edge technology.

Recycling times are lightning fast while Swiss precision guarantees consistent power time after time, shot after shot.

But hardware isn’t all. The software built into this unit gives you the freedom to configure the ELC to your individual style of shooting, for every application.

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Why ELC Pro HD?

Why ELC Pro HD?

  • Super-fast flash durations across the complete power range with visual confirmation on the OLED display.
  • ELC Pro HD 500: up to 1/5000s and ELC Pro HD 1000: up to 1/5260s.
  • Huge power range; ELC Pro HD 500 - 7 f-stops and ELC Pro HD 1000 - 8 f-stops.
  • User selectable and even shorter recycling times. Now you will never miss a shot!
  • Even better colour and power stability.
  • Unique OLED power display for information and clarity.
  • Three unique creative modes; Strobo mode, up to 20 Hz.
  • Delayed mode, from 0.001 – 10s, for second curtain sync and other effects.
  • Sequence mode, up to 20 units can be synchronized in sequence to keep up with the fastest motor-drive at up to the full power of the flash.
  • All special features utilize the full flash curve with normal color balance.



  • Skyport delivers the most comprehensive synchronization and control, and it’s unique to the whole Elinchrom system. Your creative edge in lighting.
  • Intelligent pre-flash detector system enables full use with speedlights.
  • User presets can easily be saved and recalled at any moment.
  • Power auto-dump.
  • 5V sync socket for maximum protection of digital cameras.
  • Intelligent thermally controlled, low noise cooling fan.
  • Multi-voltage auto-detection: 90-270 V (excluding modelling lamp).
  • Visual Flash Confirmation option. The modelling lamp switches off/on to confirm the
  • flash has been triggered.
  • Adjustable proportionality of the modelling lamp range.
  • Programmable ready beep tone.
  • The accessory bayonet accepts all accessories.
  • Centered 7mm (0.27") umbrella shaft enables also the use of the unique Elinchrom Deflector set.
  • User replaceable plug-in high performance flashtube.



"Never seen before." "Easy to use." "Clever." "Intuitive." "No need for manual anymore."

Those are only a few of the words photographers around the world have been using to describe the menu system of the OLED display ELC Pro HD.

On the dashboard, the power is displayed in Elinchrom f-stop and in J (Ws). The flash duration adapts itself depending on the power level of the unit. All EL-Skyport, photocell, beep tone, recycling time and creative mode features are displayed so that all the information you need is there in a clear and concise fashion.

To Go Set

To Go Set

© Christian Ammann

"The ELC Pro HD  is easy-to-use, gone are the studio lights which could scare you with their complexity."

  1. Philippe Echaroux, photographer of the colorful indoor shooting The Pigments".



  • ELC Pro HD 1000/1000 Set

    More info

    ELC Pro HD 1000/1000 Set


    These units offer twice the power of the 500/500 set but go down in power just as the ELC Pro HD 500's do, making this set the ideal choice when extra power is necessary.


    • 2-ELC Pro HD 1000 Units
    • 2-Glass Dome Transparent MK-II
    • 2-Umbrella Wide Reflector 90° 16cm (6.29")
    • 1-EL-Skyport Transmitter SPEED
    • 1-ProTec Bag Poly
    • 1-Sync Cable PC-3.5 / 5m (16.4')

Creative modes

Strobo mode:

This creative mode is necessary to capture one movement in a single frame.

Delayed mode:

The delayed mode provides the option of first or second curtain sync and everything in between, plus predictive synchronization within a short sequence.


Compatible with the Elinchrom system past, present and future.


Here is a list of recommended accessories. See more of the amazing range of Elinchrom light shapers.

  • Rotalux Indirect Octa 150cm (59")

    $619.99More infoAdd to cart

    Rotalux Indirect Octa 150cm (59")


    This design offers a superb crispy light when used without diffuser and can be modified to a soft light with softer shadows by using the included diffuser. Just like other Rotalux softboxes, the units folds down like an umbrella and is easily transportable.

    The Rotalux Indirect can also be mounted as a direct softbox with the included Rotalux ring.


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  • Indirect Litemotiv Octa 190cm / 75"

    $1,420.00More infoAdd to cart

    Indirect Litemotiv Octa 190cm / 75"


    The Octa is ideal when using the reflection method of light distribution and as a result the Octa does give remarkably even illumination over the front cloth. Consequently, it can be used very close to the subject giving particularly soft results. For crisp beauty shots with higher contrast, the external diffuser can be removed.

    The Indirect Litemotiv includes the tilthead, 360° rotating system, internal & external diffusers and carrying bag, already pre-mounted.

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  • Complete Grid Reflector Set 21cm

    $236.99More infoAdd to cart

    Complete Grid Reflector Set 21cm


    The Standard Reflector 21cm (8.26") combines high output with a good spread of light and the included grids limit light spread and offers sharper shadows. 


    Grids should never be used with 650W modelling lamps.

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