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Want to get started with Hi-Sync photography and sync your flash faster than 1/200th of a second?

See below why this technology opens up a new world of possibilities!

What is Hi-Sync?

What is Hi-Sync?

Trigger your flash units at higher shutter speeds.


Hi-Sync is a technology that allows you to sync your camera with your flash unit at very high shutter speeds.

Technically, Elinchrom’s Hi-Sync (HS) feature is an easy-to-use and improved version of previous other systems in the field. By offering a Skyport Plus HS transmitter with built in Hi-Sync technology, triggering a camera with flash units at high shutter speed is now easy to achieve and very reliable!


The Skyport Plus HS is available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic cameras

Why Use Hi-Sync?

Why Use Hi-Sync?

The 1/200th sec. flash sync speed is no longer a limitation.


For photographers, especially those doing outdoors photo shoots, often the 1/200th second flash sync speed represents a huge limitation.


By using Hi-sync technology, photographers are now able to:


  • Overpower daylight with less power output (or from far away)
  • Obtain a high shutter speed to freeze motion
  • Use flash with a large aperture and create a narrow depth of field
  • Darken backgrounds using a high shutter speed


Hi-Sync also offers more options than any other flash technology, since photographers have more light output at their disposal and no gradation (with the dedicated HS flash head).

For battery-powered units, Hi-Sync uses much less power than other technologies, because the flash head is firing normally instead of a continuous burst like HSS.

© Michael Clark
Overpower daylight from far away.
© Michael Clark
Freeze motion with shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second.
© Michael Clark
Darken background using a high shutter speed.
© Michael Clark
Use flash with a large aperture with a narrow depth of field.

Hi-Sync for Whom?

Hi-Sync for Whom?

Any kind of photographer can enjoy the benefits of using Hi-Sync.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial

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