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Photographing Cinematic Portraits in a Vintage Hotel Room with Aarond Anderson

Photographing Cinematic Portraits in a Vintage Hotel Room with Aarond Anderson

Aaron Anderson wants mood and emotion in his shots. Giving his model backstory as a director or screenwriter would, Anderson and his model create scenes you wouldn’t be surprised to come across in Stranger Things or a similarly-stylized film. This video examines five different shots taken in a quirky, vintage hotel, where heavy color saturation, light manipulation, tight focal range, and a slight uneasiness were the orders of the day. Learn how Anderson executed his vision in a cramped interior, setting scenes where the model is either contemplating the past or worries about what’s to come. A vintage, cinematic photoshoot, indeed.
Influenced by television’s Stranger Things, Aaron Anderson wanted to create scenes in “a vintage, cinematic look” in an offbeat hotel. With diminutive, pixie-cut model Riley, Anderson utilized the perfect subject for the shoot. Anderson explains the importance of canned haze, and how it adds the kind of atmosphere he was looking for.

Gels were also heavily employed to saturate light during the shoot. Looking for intense color, a 53” Octabox with a doubled-up red gel was used as key light in the first shot, positioned above the model on the bed. A 21” x 51” Strip Box with blue gel was angled to the model at camera right. To achieve the blue wash in the room, a reflector with blue gel was set up to the right of the strip box. A black flag was used to control the blue light.
The second shot has the model in a chair, looking out the window at the sunset. An ELV 400 with full CTO gel on a standard reflector was positioned high and outside the window to simulate fading sunlight. On the camera right, a 53” Octabox with a doubled-up blue gel to contrast and push up against the warm light.

The third shot heavily paints light to change the tone of two different rooms at once. The 21” x 51” Strip Box with a blue gel was in the bedroom with the model, camera left. To contrast, Anderson warmed up the room the camera is in, a reflector with full CTO was aimed at the ceiling to force a tungsten-like tint.
The fourth shot was done in a 1950s pink and black tile bathroom. A 7” Reflector with 20° Grid and full CTO was positioned high and pointed down across the model’s shoulder to create drama as the light falls off.

The fifth shot was taken into the bathroom mirror. A purple gel on a 7” Reflector with a 20° Grid on it, shining across the model’s face.
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