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The Skyport Plus HS is a very powerful controller for Elinchrom flashes. Yet, even if it is more convenient than Speedlights, you first have to play with it a little before being able to navigate easily in the system.

Read more about how to setup the HS feature to get the best from it.

User Manual

User Manual

Before we get started, we highly recommend that you download the Skyport Plus HS user manual and read it thoroughly. This user manual isn't included with the transmitter but is available as a PDF download. It will fill in a lot of the blanks on how to use this transmitter.



Hi-Sync (HS) is a feature you can enable on the Skyport Plus HS to sync your camera at high shutter speeds, which are normally limited to 1/200th second.


Learn more about Hi-Sync technology.

Setup for Nikon

Setup for Nikon

Hi-Sync mode for Nikon has to be set up in the camera settings.


Set your Nikon camera to the Auto FP flash mode in the custom settings menu.

The Skyport Plus HS will then automatically engage the HS mode when you raise the shutter speed above the normal flash sync speed.


To set the camera to the Auto FP flash mode go to:

  • Custom Settings Menu (Pencil)
  • e Bracketing/Flash
  • e1 Flash sync speed
  • choose either 1/250s (Auto FP) or 1/320s (Auto FP) depending on your camera.

For a Nikon D4, set it to the 1/250s (Auto FP) setting and (as shown below) for the Nikon D810, you can set it to the 1/320s (Auto FP) setting.


Leave the cameras in this custom flash mode all the time.

Set your Nikon camera in Auto FP flash mode.

Now that the custom flash mode is set up in the camera, the HS mode on the transmitter will automatically engage when you raise the shutter speed above 1/250th second.


You will see the HS symbol show up in the top of the screen on the Skyport Plus HS as shown below.

The HS symbol show up in the top of the screen.

Setup for Other Cameras

Setup for Other Cameras

Hi-Sync mode for Canon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic has to be set up on the transmitter itself.


To do this:

  • Push the button below Setup
  • Select SYNC Mode
  • Choose HS


Your transmitter is now setup for Hi-Sync.

When you see HS on the display, Hi-Sync is enabled.



Over Drive Sync

The best Hi-Sync results are obtained with the ODS (OverDrive Sync) settings set between 2.0 ms and 2.5 ms.


To adjust the ODS settings:

  • Press the button below Setup
  • Select ODS Setup
  • Use the scroll wheel to adjust the ODS setting


Note: you may want to test various ODS settings with your Canon camera because each camera is different.

The ODS feature helps you to fine tune and select the precise moment of your trigger.
ODS can be set between 0.0 ms and 5.0 ms.

In general, with Nikon cameras, no ODS adjustments are necessary.


That is it for setting up the Hi-Sync capabilities of the Skyport Plus HS transmitter. To get an accurate exposure with the flash we recommend that you calibrate your LCD screen on the back of your camera (to a calibrated monitor) and use the Histogram to check your exposure.


Michael Clark - 15.02.2016





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