Lighting Up Your Studio

Lighting Up Your Studio

Joe Brady is a landscape and portrait photographer who loves to pass on his unique insights to his fellow artists. In this video, he offers a lesson on how to use the Sekonic L-478DR-U-EL for Elinchrom to create four lighting styles and four compelling portraits.

In studio photography, your light meter is as important as your camera. The Sekonic 478DR-U-EL talks directly to Elinchrom’s wireless communication system, allowing you to adjust power remotely – even when you’re using multiple lights. With your 478DR-U-EL, you can fire, measure, and adjust light without leaving your subject and disrupting the shoot.

"In this photo shoot with Kendra, I used up to four lights per shot to shoot a standard portrait set, a high-key set, a dramatic set, and a set that allowed for both an airy and a shadowy image. Whether I used a softbox, a snoot, a softlight reflector, or a regular hair light, I was able to shape the light with just a few clicks of a button."

"The beautiful shots I created with the help of the Sekonic 478-DR-U-EL, along with four great Elinchrom lights, convinced me that this is the light meter for results that I need."


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  • Skyport Transmitter Plus HS for Sony

    $249.95More infoAdd to cart

    Skyport Transmitter Plus HS for Sony


    EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus HS dedicated to Sony. Features include a large graphic control display, fast access buttons and rotating wheel for easy control, hi-sync functionality, 40 remote channels, a mini-usb port for firmware updates, and more.

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  • Compact ELC Pro HD 1000

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    Compact ELC Pro HD 1000


    Lightning fast recycling times (1.2s at full power!), Swiss precision of power output and color temperature consistency and super fast flash duration (up to 1/5260s) combined in one unit. Furthermore, an OLED screen displays every control for the most professional user experience. 

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  • Rotalux Softbox Square 100x100cm

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    Rotalux Softbox Square 100x100cm


    Good for head and shoulder portraits, products or for use in smaller spaces. The catchlight can be similar to windows. This 100x100 cm (39" x 39") softbox is a classic.

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  • Maxi Lite Reflector 40cm 43°

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    Maxi Lite Reflector 40cm 43°


    Ideal for sunlight effects through windows; creates hard and brilliant highlights.

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  • Rotalux Softbox Strip 35x90cm

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    Rotalux Softbox Strip 35x90cm


    This softbox is great for product photography, especially bottles and other round reflective items. They can also be used for narrower ѕ length portraits and are also widely used to light backgrounds where the length helps avoid fall-off from top to bottom.

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  • Softlite Silver Reflector 70cm 64° w/ 26310

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    Softlite Silver Reflector 70cm 64° w/ 26310


    Larger than its 44cm (27.5") counterpart, it is ideal when working further away from the subject, be it beauty or portraiture work. This silver finishing offers extra contrast for stunning images.

    The included Deflector Set can modify the color and softness.

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  • Softlite Grid 70cm (26167/26169)

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    Softlite Grid 70cm (26167/26169)


    Grids give the possibility to control precisely the direction and spread of light while offering sharper shadows. The perfect fit to any Softlite Reflector 70cm (27.5").

    Grids and Deflectors cannot be used together, to avoid damages and overheating.

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  • Snoot & Grid

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    Snoot & Grid


    A Snoot is great for producing small, tight areas of light. Add the grid for a smaller but softer circle.

    Please monitor heat level at all times. High power modelling lamps or high power multi-flashing are liable to cause overheating to the flash unit.

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